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Bluedolphin Magazines: Products & Services

Blue Dolphin Magazines bills itself as "America's Magazine Superstore."  Blue Dolphin offers magazine subscriptions at substantial discounts.  Currently, they are offering a 90 day free trail period for all magazines.  A customer can cancel any magazine within 90 days and receive a full refund.  The company offers discounts on all types of magazines including:

  • Animals
  • Cooking
  • Cars
  • Computing
  • Beer, Wine and Spirits
  • Home
  • Children
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Entertainment
  • Money
  • Outdoors
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Sports

The company also offers a number of free magazines.  Customers can also purchase gift cards for the site.  These allow a customer to choose which magazine that he or she would like to subscribe too.  Customers can also set up gift subscriptions for others.   Clients can also sign up for emails that provide special discounts and notice of sales to their regular clients.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Company Background

Blue Dolphin Magazines is owned by M2 Media Group which was founded in 2004.  The company bought Blue Dolphin Group is 2010 and revamped to a consumer based magazine company.  Blue Dolphin sells many niche magazines that are not available together any place else.  It does not carry some common popular magazines, but that is not its main goal.  Its goal is to support the interests of its clients.  M2 Media also works with magazine companies finding creative ways to improve circulation.  It also provides the support for Barnes and Nobles online store.  The company's headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There is not much customer feedback on this company.  At, the company has two reviews with ratings at 9/10. has a review of the company.  This review rates the company fairly high, but rates them down for social media, time to load and a few other technical issues.  Several other negative reviews are fairly old, going back to 2008 when the company  had a different owner.  There are no customer reviews on the company's website and the reviews listed on Google barely fill one page!

Bluedolphin Magazines: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Blue Dolphin is not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and neither is their parent company, M2 Media.  The parent company is rated B by the BBB for not responding to some customer complaints.  There are no awards for Blue Dolphin, but their parent company has received a number of technical mention.  Inc. Magazine has listed the company for the past three years as one of the 500 fastest growing companies.  Deloitte has ranked the company the last three years as one of the fastest growing technology companies.  Lastly, M2 Media Group has been named a 2010 Marcum Tech Top 40 winner, a celebration of the 40 fastest growing Software, IT, New Media, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy/Telecom/Green Tech and Life Sciences companies in Connecticut.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa does not show much information for Blue Dolphin.  It states that it does not have enough data to rank this site.  It does state the site has 58 other websites linking into it.  Compete is showing that the site has about 750 visitors per day and ranks about 1 million among the websites in the United States.  Google Page Rank rates the site as 4/10. 

Bluedolphin Magazines: Social Media Presence

Blue Dolphin does not seem to have any social media pages.  I can't find a page on Facebook, Twitter or Goggle Plus.  There is also no mention of social media pages on their website.  This seems a bit strange for a media company.  Its parent company, M2 Media does not list any social media on its website either.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Website Security & Safety

Blue Dolphin is certified by Trustwave Trusted Commerce that all transactions made through the company are secure and that identity information is handled in a way that is complaint with PCI DSS protocol.  Data sent between computers is protected through encryption by Go Daddy's 265 bit SSL system.  Go Daddy has certified the site is secure.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool certifies the site as safe over the last 90 days.  Blue Dolphin uses one network to run its website.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Pricing & Packages

Blue Dolphin offers good discounts on the magazines it carries.  Below are some comparisons with other online discount magazine companies.  Blue Dolphin's prices are comparable to its competition.

Vanity Fair (12 issues):

  • Blue Dolphin:  $19.99
  • Discount Magazines:  N/A
  •  $24

Entertainment Weekly (52 issues):

  • Blue Dolphin: $25
  • Discount Magazines: $25
  •  $25

Create and Decorate (7 issues):

  • Blue Dolphin:  $19.97
  • Discount Magazines:  N/A
  • Magazines:  $19.97

Car and Driver (12 issues):

  • Blue Dolphin:  $12
  • Discount Magazines:  $11.97
  • Magazines:  $12.00
Bluedolphin Magazines: Shipping Rates & Policies

Blue Dolphin includes the price of shipping in the cost of its magazines.  The cost of shipping is not really a concern with this company.  Magazines are sent by media mail through the United States Post Office in most cases.  Gift cards are sent to the purchaser and the price of delivery is included when buying the card.  Most transactions happen only over the internet.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Payment Methods Accepted

Blue Dolphin only accepts credit cards for their subscriptions.  They take four major credit cards.  These are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover at this time.  Debit cards can be used if they are affiliated with these credit cards.  Personal checks, money orders, Paypal and other payment methods are not accepted by the company.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Blue Dolphin offers a 90-day return policy on all subscriptions.  Anyone who wants to cancel their subscription within 90 days from the date of placing the order may do so by contacting customer service.  This can be done by email through a form provided on the company's website.  The company's website does not provide a telephone number, but does provide a mailing address which is Blue Dolphin Group, 1127 High Ridge Road, #335, Stamford, CT 06905.  The proper email addresses are found at the website's customer care page.

Bluedolphin Magazines: Product images & screenshots
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Comments (4)

No part of this is true! is a completey scam.

This company has terrible reviews. They have zero customer support. Any emails sent to the email address listed gets sent back as 'undeliverable.'  There are no phone numbers.

Various messageboards as well as their facebook is littered with people who were either charged without permission, charged unfairly, or could not reach anyone to cancel their membership. There are also plenty of reviews stating that people got charged for their subscription, but never recieved anything. I can attest to that.

These people are shady. 

Blue dolphis IS a SCAM!! I purchased a groupon for 20$ worth of magazines back in December and it is now almost April 2014 and I still never received the magazine I ordered. When I paid with my groupon the site offered for me to get subscriptions to two other magazines for 4$ per issue, so I ordered them. I ended up getting those magazines and did not get the blue dolpin magazine I ordered at all.  It was Discover Magazine. They are saying they have had a problem with the publisher and never got back to me. And, by the way, there is no way to contact them at all other than by email.

Auto Renewals are in the fine print. Those amazing initial magazine rates you get lured into go up to the regular (much more expensive) magazine subscription rates unnoticed, unless you are keeping a keen eye on your credit card bills. NOT COOL. And would not recommend.
Auto Renewals are in the fine print. Those amazing initial magazine rates you get lured into go up to the regular (much more expensive) magazine subscription rates unnoticed, unless you are keeping a keen eye on your credit card bills. NOT COOL. And would not recommend.
Bluedolphin Magazines Rating Summary
Customer Reviews
Bluedolphin Magazines Average Rating:
(2 ratings)
Bluedolphin Magazines 1 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Lesa DeLong — 64 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended
“Auto Renew Without Consent! ”

I previously purchased a gift subscription for a friend thru this company, using a Groupon. 2 days ago I received a notification that the subscription was being automatically renewed, without my consent, and to please send them $39.95. Fortunately when I signed up for the original gift subscription I used a credit card that was about to expire; otherwise I'm sure they would have charged my card. I can't find a customer service # and they are ignoring my e-mails. If I receive any reference ... read more

joslin baker — 64 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended
“Blue dolphin is a scam”

I would have given "no stars" but that isn't an option. I hate this company! I had a magazine subscription that I didn't want to renew, but they sent me a letter saying they were "auto renewing" me & would bill me later. I sent the letter back, telling them that I did not want the magazine & I would not pay for it. ( I had tried to search for a customer service phone number to contact them, to NO AVAIL.) Well, they still sent me the magazine & I sent them an email this time. We will more

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